DSP & CSP Appreciation Week

National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week

September 13th – 18th

September 13th-19th marks National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week. We thank the countless number of current and former essential workers that work the front line every day to support people with disabilities to achieve their goals and stay safe and healthy. Even as NYS first, and then the US, went into lock down, essential Racker staff kept going into work, faced new regulations and setbacks head on, and developed new and creative ways to meet the needs of the people they support. Direct and Community Support Professionals at Racker and across New York State have faced an enduring and often challenging work place since Early Spring; close to 30 weeks! With already strict guidelines from the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, new COVID-19 regulations and guidance dictate constantly changing work environments for all Racker staff. Take this week to thank a Direct or Community Support Professional for their support and commitment to building a world where all people know they belong.

Not only do Direct and Community Support Professionals take great pride in the work that they do, and is what drives them to keep coming back (even through blizzards and states of emergency) but the individuals and families they support take an even greater pride in the work of DSPs. Building a world where all people know they belong and actively creating opportunities for people to be connected in that world is more important now than ever, and we are thankful for the DSPs and CSPs who have shown us resilience and creativity in the midst of a pandemic. We are so grateful for you.


Claire & Ashley


“Ashley is very caring and always on time She has so many “tricks up her sleeve” to help Claire get through the days Ashley is calm and soft spoken which is a trait that Claire needs to feel safe and relaxed Ashley sings and dances and makes silly jokes to make Claire laugh and brighten her mood Ashley treats everyone with respect. ASHLEY IS THE BEST!”

Sydney & Kylee

Kylee is there for Sydney no matter the situation. Kylee is Sydney’s sister but gave up a job that she enjoyed as a CNA for 7 years to take on a full time position helping her sister develop her independent living skills to the best of Sydney’s ability.

Kylee recently walked with Sydney for her high school graduation. Graduation was different this year due to COVID. The students were supposed to walk alone to receive their diploma. Kylee walked with Sydney to guarantee she was safe and directed in the appropriate manner.

Marco & Tim

Tim and Marco hit it off right away and have had a wonderful time exploring the farm, baking cookies, learning about insects, and playing games! Tim has been so supportive of Marco as he struggles at the start of each summer with spending time outside. Tim has helped Marco move past his seasonal fear and they’ve spent some wonderful time exploring the neighborhood together.