Physical Therapy

Physical therapists use play to help your child move safely at their home, school and in the community.  We strive to increase participation, enhance learning opportunities, support the development of gross motor skills and facilitate independence in activities of daily living.  We emphasize a multi-disciplinary team approach when working with children.  We address:

  • Age appropriate gross motor skills:  rolling, sitting up, walking, running, jumping, ball skills, one foot balance, etc…
  • Safety: catching oneself with loss of balance, climb playground equipment, move in and around obstacles and make adjustments for unpredictable circumstances
  • Development of Motor Movement Patterns:  rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, posture…
  • Motor planning skills: Navigating of complex spaces, sequencing steps, executing plans
  • Adaptive Equipment:  Assess and recommend/obtain adaptive equipment to increase participation
  • Strength and Endurance: improving muscle strength and length of time the child is able to participate in an activity


Your child will need a physical therapy evaluation to determine if s/he qualifies for services.

How to obtain an evaluation:

  • Contact your local Health Department (Early Intervention) for children younger than 3 years of age
  • Contact your local school district for children 3 years and older.