Autism and Sensory Needs Lending Library

The Autism and Sensory Needs Lending Library provides educators, families, and caregivers of people with Autism and other unmet sensory needs an opportunity to learn about and try items before buying them.  Racker staff are available to provide information, ideas and support to library user exploring ways to meet the needs of their loved ones by demonstrating and educating people about available tools and equipment.

Eligibility:  Individuals interested in accessing the Lending Library should:

  • Have Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) eligibility
  • Live with family or caregivers and be eligible for Family Support Services
  • Reside in Cortland, Tioga or Tompkins County

How to Access:  For full access to the Library’s inventory or more information:

Success Story:

“My son has always fidgeted uncontrollably and struggled to stay focused and engaged during family time.  We borrowed a weighted blanket from the library that he simply kept on his lap and he was able to enjoy an entire T.V. program wit the family!  We couldn’t believe it worked!  As a result, we purchased a few weighted items for him such as a blanket and stuffed animals to use at school, home and out it the community and our time as a family now includes all of our beautiful children.  We couldn’t be happier!”