75 Years of Racker Stories

2023 marks 75 years of inclusion, belonging, and community at Racker, and we want to hear your memories!

Did you work here in the 70’s and have any funny or impactful stories to share?
Was your child in our preschool in the 90’s and still talks about the Swim Program at Ithaca College?
Was your loved one supported by an incredible staff you’d like to mention?

We would love to hear how Racker has impacted you, your loved ones, or your community members.
Please use this form to share your story, and please let us know if you’d be willing for us to record video of you sharing your story!
We can’t wait to reminisce with the Racker community in the coming year.

Please reach out to Katie Williams if you would prefer to share your story over the phone or in person.
Katie can be reached at (607) 279-6408 ext. 244 or KatieWilliams@racker.org.