The Racker Society

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Special Friends who have generously made provisions in their estate planning that will help build and sustain Racker for future generations to come.

Anonymous                                                                       Robert B. Allan*

Beverly Baker                                                                     Paul & Diane Banfield

Rose Beckwith*                                                                Tom & Donna Bohn

Bethany Brown & Bradley Smith                                Dan & Eve Brown

Susan Budney & Linda Swarthout                             Cecilia Campbell & Deb Gagnon

David Campbell & Tom Conners                                  William & Anne Chernish

Richard & Andrea Clark                                                  John & Ann Racker Costello

Donald* & Sylvia Dickinson                                          Cris & Chuck Donovan

Clifford DuBreuil                                                               Jean M. Dunlavey*

Peggy & David Dunlop                                                    John* & Martha Ferger

Robert Fish*                                                                      William F. Fuerst*

Doris I. German*                                                               Charles A. Gibson*

Margaret I. Gibson*                                                        Robert & Patricia Haley

Jeanette Hanford*                                                          Dave & Joan Hardie*

Greg & Bev Hartz                                                              Lillian Hoffman

Norma Jayne*                                                                   Eric & Meg Keilbach

Howard Kelley*                                                                 Judith K. Leavitt

Jeffrey & Kristin Lewis                                                    Stewart* & Ruth lewis

Thomas C. Longin & Nancy Tillinghast                      Perri & Mick LoPinto

Nancy Corwin Malina & Joel M. Malina                     Brick Miscall*

Pat & Victor Montanez                                                  Anna Maria Muenster*

William J. Musto*                                                             Sean & Kara Pass

Kust Polho*                                                                        Franziska W. Racker*

Edwin* & Francis Resler, Jr.                                          Sarah M. Rich

Tom & Betsy Salm                                                            Jody &  Kent Scriber

Roger & Carole Sibley                                                      Henry C. Sibley*

Agnes Smith*                                                                    George V. & Jean A. Smith Charitable Trust

Lawrence A. Snyder*                                                      Kevin Stearns*

John C. Stephens                                                              Jean P. Strout*

Sidney L. Tamarin*                                                          Joseph & Marney Thomas

Chuck & Ann Tompkins                                                  Pauline B. Treman*

Jeffrey True & Susan Schnattschneider                   Olive L. Wilkinson*

Agnes G. Williams*                                                          David & Katie Williams

Fred A. (Ben) Williams                                                    Eugene Yarussi

*gift has been realized