The Lighthouse Program

The Lighthouse Program is a 30 school day therapeutic program that supports students in 7th through 12th grade who are experiencing emotional challenges that are getting in the way of their school success. During a Lighthouse admission students gain skills that will help them build resilience and confidence while the Lighthouse Staff also works with their families and the student’s home school team to create a re-entry plan that will support success in the future. The Lighthouse Program offers:

  • A safe, supportive classroom where students find a sense of connection and belonging
  • A tutorial academic model supported by a Certified Teacher and Classroom Aide
  • Individual and group counseling provided by a Licensed Social Worker
  • Collaborative, solution focused planning with the student’s support network at home and at school

Eligibility and Referrals:

Both general education and special education students are eligible to participate in the Lighthouse Program. Referrals must come through the student’s home school. Families can confer with their school administrators or student support staff.

Success Stories:

“Lighthouse literally saved my son’s life. He attended the program seven years ago and is now a college physics instructor in San Jose, California.” 

“My daughter went from not being able to attend school at all to going to school every day and loving it. Thank you Lighthouse for all you did to support her.”