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Residential Services

"Racker Staff is dedicated to helping our son do all the little things that make his life fulfilling." - Participant Family Member

"The quality and caring programs that Racker provides is just one of the many reasons they have the respect of their community." - Participant Family Member

Early Intervention

"Once upon a time, there was a girl who was a tomboy and she lived with her mom and grandparents in Trumansburg. We all moved to Dryden and I (Amber) went to BOCES. I didn’t have a good relationship with anybody. I struggled a lot to be able to be good. Then there was this fieldtrip and I wasn’t able to go. Most of the time, I would run out of the classroom and I would be bad. This time, I didn’t. Instead, I stayed in the classroom and did all of my work. My teacher, Ms. Havill, and I made a plan. The plan said I could earn and get shiny rocks if I did all my work, and I did get lots of them because I was being good. I continued to be good because I realized if I was good I could get more of the things I wanted. Then I started realizing I had a good relationship, so I started behaving more often, even when I wasn’t getting any rewards. Now I behave even when Ms. Havill isn’t around, because I can make positive relationships with other people. Now I have relationships with lots of other people and that makes me feel good. Now I’m moving again, but I know I can still stay in contact with Ms. Havill and that is important because I want to be able to keep my relationship with her."

Early Childhood

“Racker is almost as good as Grandma!”

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