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Rackers Virtual Activities link to goals

One thing that sets Racker’s Community Support Services Program apart is our Virtual Activities (soon to include in-person events in our communities as well.) These activities are open to all Racker program participants (including those from Early Childhood and Preschool, Residential, Clinical, Counseling for School Success), participant’s families, staff and staff families!

While these Virtual Activities support educational, leisure, and recreational incentives for members of our Racker Community, they also support OPWDD Staff Action Plans for any individual enrolled through one of Racker’s applicable programs. Our Virtual Activities offer learning and hands on development in many key areas. Virtual Activities moderators focus on many important skills including social skills, life skills, health and wellness, exploration into new skills, as well as new and rotating options each week. To browse this week’s Virtual Opportunities please visit our events page.

Racker’s Virtual Activities provide a safe, welcoming environment where people can succeed together.

Participation Eligibility:

  • Are a part of the Racker Community
  • Are friends with or are a family member of someone who currently or has received support from Racker in the past
  • Are currently enrolled in a Racker program
  • Referral through CCO or other Care Coordination agency

If you’d like to participate in any of our Virtual Activities but do not believe that you are eligible, please contact Jen at 

Please take a look below at highlights from some of our current offerings.

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